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The World® has been connecting people to the Internet since 1989 — we were the first on the planet to provide Internet access to the general public. We'll give you the most prestigious E-mail address on the net: you@TheWorld.com
Price Schedule
Effective 1 September 2010
Terms of Service
All services are subject to our Terms of Service.
Email services and address, imap, pop, smtp, spam filtering, 100MB, two aliases, includes two Options:
Two included with all accounts
Unlimited1 Dial-Up
Personal Web Page + Shell
Custom Web Address
2 Mailing Lists
Website Services
your domain, name-based, CGI, 3 Custom Web Addresses, FTP
Site, plus Enterprise Account, 10 Custom Web Addresses
requires Static IP Address
requires Static IP Address
World Web Site or additional Custom Web Addresses
http://www.DOMAIN.TLD or email: you@DOMAIN.TLD
www.DOMAIN.TLD for Personal Web Page
up to 3 accounts on one bill
Additional Corporate accounts
up to 25 accounts on one bill
Additional Enterprise accounts
other-name@TheWorld.com or other-name@DOMAIN.TLD
Web, Mail, Shell, per 100MB
NO Guarantee! If Recovered:
Unlimited does not mean 24 by 7 connectivity. It means unmetered, interactive usage. Sessions inactive for more than 20 minutes are subject to disconnection. Attempts to defeat inactivity detection may result in additional charges or termination of service. Accounts are single login only.
All basic accounts include an e-mail address (you@TheWorld.com), smtp – outgoing mail server), pop/imap – to pick up your mail, spam filtering, mail forwarding, two aliases for example First.Last@TheWorld.com subject to availability, 100MB mailbox space, 100MB disk space for mailboxes etc, plus two options your choice.

Important! Existing Customers: If you are a current customer under the basic ("A La Carta") plan you will automatically be switched on September 1, 2010. We will try to infer the best options for you but will honor any reasonable retroactive change request. For example if you are currently paying for unlimited dial-up or using dial-up you will automatically get that option included in your new account.

If you currently have a "Gold" account you will have to switch to the new account yourself via our web page, email, or call our office, choosing which options you want. Your account will remain unchanged, Gold, ($19.89/month etc.) until you switch.

You get two options, your choice, included with your account. The choices are:

Unlimited1 Dial-Up — We give you access to almost 9,000 dial-up modem phone numbers covering the entire continental United States, Hawaii (sorry, no Alaska), Canada, and Puerto Rico. To look up dial-ups by state, province, or area code click here.

Personal Web Page & Shell — A Personal Web Page means its web address is http://www.TheWorld.com/~youraccount. There is no particular limit on how many pages or how much content you can put under that address other than your disk space. The page can also refer to content not on The World.

The Personal Web Page service does NOT include CGI or other programming facilities (PHP, Perl, etc.) nor the ability to install and run them.

This option also includes World Shell access so you can manage your page and web content files.

The bandwidth limit on Personal Web Pages is 5GB/month and billable at $1/10GB/month beyond that.

Custom Web Address — See Custom Web Address below.

2 Mailing Lists — Two mailing lists (for example, yourlist and yourlist-digest) managed by majordomo. This includes up to 500 list members. Additional members are $5 per 500 additional per month.

Shell — Interactive Unix command shell.

World Web Site
A World Web Site allows you to make available your own web content at your own domain: http://www.DOMAIN.TLD (name-based), up to 3 initial Custom Web Addresses, and FTP service. World Web Sites are hosted on a shared server.

The World Web Site includes CGI access, 100MB web content space, and 25GB per month bandwidth usage. Additional bandwidth is $1/10GB/month.

World Web Site Bundle
The World Web Site Bundle includes all the features of the World Web Site plus: An Enterprise Account, up to 10 initial Custom Web Addresses, and 50GB per month bandwidth usage. Additional bandwidth is $1/10GB/month.
Static IP Address
An IP address dedicated to your web site, sometimes necessary for security packages, etc.
SSL – shared
SSL provides a secure, encrypted path between the client (e.g., PC or laptop) and the website. Shared SSL means you use a common World SSL license. Requires a Static IP Address.
SSL – private
SSL Private means you purchase your own license from a Certificate Authority (CA) and we install it for use with your site. Requires a Static IP Address.
Domain Name Services
Domain Name Services provide mapping of one or more domain names to web sites and/or email services.
Custom Web Address
Custom Web Address lets you associate one or more domain names with your http://www.TheWorld.com/~account Personal Web Page.
Corporate and Enterprise Accounts
Corporate and Enterprise accounts are for group account purchases. Corporate comes with 3 accounts, additional accounts are $7.50/month, Enterprise includes 25 accounts, $5 account per account per month beyond 25. The only requirement is that the accounts are all paid on one bill, including all charges for any additional World services.

The World Web Site Bundle comes with an Enterprise account.

Email Aliases
Email Aliases let you receive and/or send email as another name such as First.Last@TheWorld.com or if you have another domain with us First.Last@DOMAIN.TLD. They are on an as-available basis as they must be unique for each domain.

** Limit of 3 per change fee.

Disk Space
Additional disk space is on an as-available basis. Minimum purchase unit is 100MB. Can not be split between mail, shell, or web site.
File, Web, or Mailbox Recovery
We do backups so we can recover from system problems. Occasionally a customer asks us to retrieve a file which was accidentally deleted or modified by them, or to re-create the historical state of certain files. We will try to honor such requests when possible. Sometimes files are on the system for too short a time to have been backed up (typically, mailbox files which can change second to second), or requests go beyond the history or scope we keep.

If we determine that we cannot recover the file, or the loss was the result of a system error, then there is no charge.

Complex requests may be subject to additional fees which the customer will be informed of in advance.

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