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Password Protection
on The World Kiosk

Included in The World Kiosk Web Site service is the ability to password protect either the entire web site, or specific sections of it. Here are instructions for setting up password protection on your Kiosk pages:

To set up password protection in your Kiosk Web Site, place a file in the directory that you want to protect called


This file tells the system to require password authentication before showing any of the web pages in the directory. The file has this format:

AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /kiosk/Newbury/yourfolder/.htpasswd
AuthName /kiosk/Newbury/yourfolder/protectedfolder
<Limit GET>
require valid-user

"yourfolder" is your World Kiosk Web Site directory name where you're about to create your .htpasswd file, and "protectedfolder" is the name of a sub-directory you want to protect.

You can create this file with a standard editor such as 'pico', 'vi', 'jove' or even something like NotePad. Once you have created the file in the proper directory, set the permissions:

chmod 644 .htaccess

Then, create the password file by changing directories to


and issuing the command

htpasswd -c .htpasswd username

where 'username' is the first name you want to add to the file '.htpasswd'.

You will then be prompted for the password for that username. Once you've created the first username and password, also change the permissions on this file with

chmod 644 .htpasswd

To add new users and passwords to the password file, do

htpasswd .htpasswd username

and this will kick off the username/password protocol.

To delete a username and password from the .htpasswd file, you can just edit the file like normal. You'll see usernames with their encrypted passwords, and you just delete the block of text for each username you want to purge.

There are a couple of resources out on the web for help with the .htaccess protocol.



Any other questions, please contact us at kiosk@world.com or call (617) 739-4927.

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