Links to Solved Probems Problems in special relativity

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Problem Set 1, Kinematic Effects of Relativity
Preamble: Initialization functions
R & H: 2 - 9 A moving clock
R & H: 2-10 A moving rocket
R & H: 2-13 A fast rocket
Problem Set 2, More Kinematic Effects of Relativity
French: 4-5
French: 4-9
French: 4-12
R & H: 2-14 A slow plane
R & H: 2-21 Travel to the galactic center
R & H: 2-24 Decay in flight (II)
R & H: 2-25 Decay in flight (III)
R & H: 2-26 Decay in flight (IV)
R & H: 2-28 Simultaneous - but to whom?
R & H: 2-36 What time is it anyway?
Baranger: The cat's life
Baranger: The particle's life
Baranger: Trains and clocks
Baranger: Blow up the Earth
Problem Set 3: The Lorentz transformation and addition of velocities
Lorentz transformations
Baranger: Inverse of a boost
Baranger: Boosting photons
Baranger: The ladder in the barn
R & H: 2-34 Two flashes at different locations - or are they?
Addition of velocities
R & H: 2-59 Watching the decay of a moving nucleus
Baranger: Boosting boosted frames
French: 5-7 Two ways to double a boost
Problem Set 4: The Doppler Effect, 4-Vector Invariants & the Twin Paradox
The Doppler effect
French: 5-9
French: 5-10
French: 5-11
French: 5-12
R & H: 2-68 A Doppler shift revealed as a color change
R & H: 2-71 The Ives-Stillwell experiment
R & H: 2-83 The headlight effect
Four vector invariants
Baranger: The decay of a particle - timelike or spacelike?
R & H: 2-42 The interval is invariant
R & H: 2-43 An event pair - timelike or spacelike?
R & H: 2-44 An event pair - spacelike or timelike?
The twin paradox
Baranger: The tortoise and the hare
R & H: B2-2 Einstein and the clock paradox
R & H: B2-12 Getting younger
French: 5-20 Signals from twins
Problem Set 5: Energy, Momentum and Mass
French: 6-3
French: 6-4
Baranger: The projectile
French: 6-11
French: 6-14
French: 7-1
Baranger: Protons to Kaons
Baranger: A photon collision
Baranger: Multiplying 4 vectors
Baranger: An inelastic collision
Problem Set 6: The Compton Effect and Threshold Collision Problems
French: 6-16 The Compton effect
French: 6-18
French: 6-19 Compton scattering
French: 7-2 Largest particle in an accelerator
Baranger: Threshold kinetic energy
French: 7-3
Baranger: Another threshold
French: 7-6
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