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A Public Information Utility

The World (, operated by Software Tool & Die, Is an Internet service provider with headquarters in Boston, MA, USA.

In 1989 we were the first commercial Internet Service Provider on the planet for the general public. And we're still proud to be the best.

– Services & Pricing
E-Mail – 100MB
imap, pop, smtp
spam filtering
two email aliases
plus two of the following, included:
Unlimited1 dial-up
Personal Web Page and Shell
Custom Web Address
2 Mailing Lists

1Unlimited means unmetered, interactive usage, not 7x24 connections. Sessions inactive for more than 20 minutes are subject to disconnection. Attempts to defeat inactivity detection may result in additional charges or termination of service. Accounts are single login only. Other than that use all you need!
Website Services:
World Web Site
your domain, name-based, CGI, 3 Custom Web Addresses, FTP
World Web Site Bundle
World Web Site, plus Enterprise Account, 10 Custom Web Addresses
Static IP Address
IP address dedicated to your site, required by some software
SSL – shared
requires a static IP address
SSL – private
requires a static IP address and SSL certificate
Domain Name Services:
Additional World Web Site or Custom Web Addresses
http://www.DOMAIN.TLD or email: you@DOMAIN.TLD
Custom Web Address
www.DOMAIN.TLD for Personal Web Page
Enterprise Services:
Corporate Account
Up to 3 accounts on one bill
Additional Corporate Accounts
Beyond 3 included, per account
Enterprise Account
Up to 25 accounts on one bill
Additional Enterprise Accounts
Beyond 25 included, per account
Email Aliases, Disk Space, File Recovery:
Email Aliases
Limit 3 per change fee
Disk Space
Web, Mail, Shell, per 100MB
File, Web, Mailbox Recovery
NO Guarantees!