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A Public Information Utility

The World (, operated by Software Tool & Die, Is an Internet service provider with headquarters in Boston, MA, USA.

In 1989 we were the first commercial Internet Service Provider on the planet for the general public. And we're still proud to be the best.

– Terms Of Service
Software Tool & Die

The World - General Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Use of these services constitutes acceptance of the following agreement:

  1. Software Tool & Die, operators of The World, exercises no control
     whatsoever over the content of the information passing through its
     systems or stored on its systems.

  2. Software Tool & Die makes no warranties of any kind, whether
     expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. Software Tool &
     Die disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a
     particular purpose. Software Tool & Die will not be responsible for
     any damage you suffer from use of its service including, but not
     limited to, loss of data, delays, misdeliveries or service
     interruptions caused by Software Tool & Die's negligence or your own
     errors or omissions.

  3. The World may only be used for lawful purposes. Transmission of any
     material in violation of any US or state regulation is prohibited.
     This includes but is not limited to copyrighted material,
     threatening or obscene material or material protected
     by trade secret. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless
     Software Tool & Die from any claims resulting from your use of
     the service which damages you or another party.

  4. Any access to other networks through The World must comply with the
     rules appropriate for that network.

  5. Use of any information, programs or data obtained from or via The
     World is at your own risk. Software Tool & Die specifically denies any
     responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained
     through its services.

  6. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice or as normally collected
     from credit card and similar agencies. Payments not made within 30
     days are considered to be delinquent and may be subject to reasonable
     collection and legal fees as well as interest accrued at 1.5% per
     month or state legal limit, whichever is lower. Returned checks are
     subject to a $25 charge.

  7. Charges are invoiced monthly and may be cancelled in writing at any
     time with no penalties. Software Tool & Die reserves the right to
     change Rates, Terms and Conditions at any time by notifying you 10
     days in advance of the effective date of the changes.

  8. These Terms and Conditions supercede all previous representations,
     understandings or agreements and shall prevail notwithstanding any
     variance with terms and conditions of any order submitted.

  9. Use of The World constitutes acceptance of these Terms and
     Conditions.  Use of The World's website consitutes acceptance of
     The World's Privacy Policy (click here).

Refund Policy

If a World dialup account is canceled within 14 days of the initial
signup date, the customer is entitled to receive a full refund of any
payment made.  An initial payment by credit card will receive an
immediate and full refund on the same credit card.  Payment by check
will receive a full refund minus a $10 service charge for processing
and payment by check may take an additional 14 days to process.

The refund policy applies only to customers using The World services
for the first time.

             World Wide Web Services - Terms & Conditions


HTML - HyperText Markup Language, a standard used to mark up documents
with typographical and graphical features for use with the World Wide
Web (WWW.)

World Wide Web - A global network of server and client programs used
to display interact with information, typically via a personal
computer system, terminal or equivalent which links documents and
other services for easy access. Abbreviated WWW.

STD, Inc - The company with which this agreement is being
made. Operators of The World public access internet service and
associated online networking and computing services. Abbreviated STD.
STD, Inc. and Software Tool & Die are trademarks of STD, Inc.

The World - A public access internet service operated by Software Tool
& Die (STD, Inc.). The World is a registered trademark of STD, Inc.

Home Page Alone - Name for Software Tool & Die's World Wide Web
services for low-volume Web hosting offered through The World.  A
trademark of STD, Inc.

World Kiosk - Vendor oriented World Wide Web services offered by
Software Tool & Die by its service, The World. A trademark of STD,

The Customer - User or purchaser of any of the above services through
facilities owned and operated by Software Tool & Die.

CGI - A facility of World Wide Web and HTML services allowing customer
programs and/or scripts to respond in a programmatic way to requests
from a client interacting with a WWW document.

1. The customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless STD for any
errors resulting from software bugs, design flaws, HTML file format
errors, operational errors or other problems arising from use of the

2. Software Tool & Die reserves the right to withdraw this service at
any time, either individually or from all customers, for any
reason. Software Tool & Die specifically reserves the right to
withdraw service if we deem a customer's use to be disruptive,
offensive, damaging or harmful to the reputation or business of
Software Tool & Die, The World, or its customers. Liability to
customer for suspension or cancellation of service shall be limited to
return or credit of the value of fees billable to the customer by
Software Tool & Die for this service on a pro-rata basis. STD will not
be liable for damages, lost business or other incidental losses caused
by suspension or cancellation of service.

3. The customer understands that s/he will be exposed to open ended
usage charges based on the World Wide Web service rates.  The customer
is solely responsible for monitoring use and enabling or disabling
service as desired.

4. The current HPA service does not offer CGI scripting and
programming capabilities for customers. World Kiosk service allows CGI
scripting and programming, but not arbitrarily long running
programs. A CGI script or program is software which runs only on
direct request from a web page, and only for the time it takes to
respond to that specific request.

5. Design, debugging, support or instruction in the creation or
maintenance of HTML files for use with the World Wide Web is not
included in this agreement and is subject to separate charge and
contract when available.

6. Customer understands that the World Wide Web software is an
experimental and rapidly evolving technology.  STD will provide
reasonable effort to maintain currency of software releases, bug
fixes, and security.  STD makes no guarantee of any particular fitness
for use of software offered and will not be liable for problems or
limitations arising from any software currently in use or not. In the
event of failure to provide service, liability of STD shall be limited
to refund or credit of fees billed to customer for service by Software
Tool & Die on a pro-rata basis. In no case shall Software Tool & Die
be liable for damages, lost business or other incidental losses
attributable to these services.

In addition, in no case is STD liable for damages, loss of business or
other incidental losses caused by circumstances beyond our control
such as network disruptions, phone service outage, loss of electrical
power, etc.

7. The basic credit limit per World customer account is $50 per month.
STD reserves the right to require cash deposit or equivalent on a per
customer basis for accounts which exceed their basic credit limit.
Customers who exceed the basic credit limit during any given month may
have their service suspended if suitable arrangements for payment can
not be agreed upon with STD.

8. From time to time Software Tool & Die must perform maintenance or
repair of facilities which may disrupt and make unavailable any or all
services. Services will be restored on a best effort basis. In no case
will Software Tool & Die be responsible for damages, lost business or
other incidental damages as a result of service interruptions for any
reason. Liability of Software Tool & Die is limited to charges for
this service billed by Software Tool & Die on a pro-rata basis.

9. Software Tool & Die is not responsible for data or files stored on
its system.  Reasonable backups to removeable media are made on a
regular basis and Software Tool & Die will make a best effort attempt
to restore customer data and files from backup media in the event of
loss for any reason. If the loss is due to customer's fault,
intentional or otherwise, a charge per restoral will apply. In no case
is Software Tool & Die responsible for the re-creation or
reconstruction of customer materials or organization on disk. Best
effort restoral by Software Tool & Die shall be limited to retrieval
of copies kept on backup magnetic media. Software Tool & Die shall not
be liable for damage or accident preventing or interfering with
restoral of customer files. Software Tool & Die shall not be held
liable for damages, lost business or other incidental damages
attributable to lost files or delay in restoral. Restorals are
available during normal business hours only.

10. All representations made or implied herein shall be governed by
the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and, where applicable or
superseding, the United States of America.

11. Use of these services constitutes acceptance of these terms and
conditions by customer.